Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Never the same again

Since January 11 our lives have gotten turned upside down and will never be the same.

It was January 11, 2011 that Daniel started seminary. It is like a dream come true for him. Since then he has had his head in books and is up late writing papers. I gotta say, from the time we were dating and Daniel was working on his bachelors degree to now with his graduate degree, I really truly love when Daniel is in school. I love who he is when he’s learning. He reads things to me that strike him as insightful, we discuss (maybe argue) over different things he’s learning or has read. Studying has never been my strong point, but I love learning trough Daniel’s learning experiences. He teaches me so much. I know there will be some tough times ahead of us while he’s in Seminary, but I’m still excited for the process.

But that’s not really why our lives got turned upside down. It was 12hrs before his first class, at 6am that morning that our lives changed forever.

That’s when the extra little blue line showed up on the pregnancy test. I stared at the test in disbelief “oh shit” that’s all that came out of my mouth, as the cat stood there staring at me. I laid the test on the bathroom counter and stepped into the shower. I needed a moment to process this before waking Daniel up with this life altering news.

After taking my moment, I went into the bedroom to wake up my not so morning person husband.

“Babe, you know that room for God that we have left…..he took it…….I’m pregnant”

Daniel stared at me and I at him. I’m sure his head swirling with all the things mine was; like: we put in notice to our jobs, we’re moving to Portland, Daniel starts his graduate degree today……

“Babe, say something” I couldn’t stand him staring at me any longer without something. Daniel has a tendency to be more thought out with his words than I do, so he looks at me and says:

“Children are a blessing from God”

See that’s why I married him, I say “oh shit”, he thanks the Lord.

He sat up in bed and talked for a while, I wish we had that conversation on video, we were in such shock, lord knows what we rambled about. Daniel jumped in the shower and I called my sister. She’s a bit more like me “you guys are so dumb”. She knew we’d been a bit careless.

Over the following days, the reality sank in a little more. We told our family and some close friends. It’s been 2 months now since we found out. Sometimes it still feels surreal. It’s no secret anymore so people are always asking how I’m feeling and freely telling me their birthing horror stories (thanks for those by the way). Excitement is setting in more and more and the puking is becoming less and less.

We’re still planning on moving to Portland, we’re just going to wait until the baby born. This move will be far different than we originally thought it be.

I’m pretty sure January 11, 2011 will be forever etched into our minds.


  1. you rock cuz and you two are going to make awesome parents. You have redirected your path to God's long ago and this is a part of his plan, or lack of you guys being careful but nonetheless he will use this and bless your socks off in the meantime. Sometimes I think we plan too much of what we think is the right timing for certain things. Keep on keepin on, I love you and can't wait to see you in April!!!

  2. Great to see your blog! Love the title. And of course have been following the pregnancy news on FB. Hugs.