Tuesday, May 17, 2011


My whole life I have heard women talk about what it is like to feel a baby moving inside you. Always described as the most amazing feeling. Well I’ve got to say, they are right, it is amazing. I’ve given Imogen the nickname wiggle because that’s what she does all day and night….wiggle. She’s moving all the time now, and yet still every time I feel her, I want to stop what I’m doing and enjoy every movement…every wiggle. Each movement is more exciting than the last.

But I’m running into a problem. I love feeling her move so much, that it distracts me from conversations I’m having. Last week I was meeting with a client that was having suicidal thoughts; I was assessing him for ideation and intent and while he was talking, Imogen starting wiggling. I’ll admit, I checked out of my conversation for a moment to enjoy my daughter’s wiggles. As I realized what I was doing, I quickly had to bring myself back to what was more important in that moment; this man’s mental & physical wellbeing. Although no one in the room knew, I felt bad.

Now that was an extreme example, but it is an everyday occurrence. It happens everywhere, when I’m talking to friend, sitting in church, sitting in a meeting; I check out when Imogen starts moving. No offense, her moving is just much more exciting than anything else I can think of on the planet. I’m an adventurous person and if you asked me if I wanted to skydive (which I love), or feel Imogen move a bunch, I’d probably opt for feeling my little moving and wiggling inside me.

I know here in a few weeks she will get big enough to lodge her feet in between my ribs or kick my spine, but until then, I’ll just keep enjoying my little wiggle.


  1. I remember when you used to say that the thought of a person growing and moving inside of you really creeped you out and it wasn't for you. It's so cool to see how that changed. And I think it's ok to be distracted by her, you only get to enjoy it for 9 months!

  2. Its fun to hear you say stuff like this because I also remember you saying "I'm not having kids" as if the subject was not open for discussion, you had made up your mind :)

    I think the moving inside is good up to the very end. Keven never really hurt me, caused discomfort, but it was so worth it to know he was tucked away safe inside me waiting for the big day.

    (Have you heard of Unidos Recovery Home? That's where he is now).