Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Yeah, it's totally gross.....

I was hanging out at a friends house yesturday letting Basho play with their dog. They have 6 boys ranging from 2 - 11. #4 and I had quite the conversation.

So I walked out to the backyard where the dogs & boys were playing. 6 yr old Sean ran straight up to my belly and put both hands on it.

He lightly squeezed from both sides a few times......

Sean: "So there's really a baby in there"

Me: "Yeah. there's a little girl in there"

Sean: "huh" he then proceeds to squeeze a few more times as he examines my belly

Sean: "So.... How's it get'n out?"

Now I'm stuck in a conversation I really don't want to be in with a 6yr old. By now his 8yr old brother Max has joined the conversation as well. I flashed to the story I heard of when his 3 older brothers asked their mom the same question. So I repeated her answer.

Me: "Well, you know how you have a hole you poop from and a hole you pee from. Well, girls have a 3rd hole where the baby cames out."

Sean: ponders this new information for a moment. "Three holes huh?!?!"

older brother Max: "Yeah, it's totally gross"

Then they both ran off to play. Lets just hope he doesn't tell his friends at school about his anatomy lesson.

Oh another note, a few weeks ago when their 3yr old brother found out I had a baby in my belly his question was simple "Why? Did you eat it?!?"

I can't wait to hear the funny stuff Imogen comes up with.

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  1. Being a doula and birth fanatic, my kids will never have to ask me how babies come out, nor would it be an awkward conversation if they did ask. I will have to come up with a creative story about how babies get in there in the first place, though...