Monday, April 11, 2011

An Auntie couldn’t ask for a better 31st birthday

Daniel’s cousin Angela and I went up to visit our 5 nieces and nephews this last weekend. It took us about 8 hrs to get there and it was worth every minute of the drive. The girls were still awake when we got there and they practically jumped me when I walked in the door. Madeline said “you came!!! And you brought baby Imogen!!!”

For the whole weekend Imogen was a hot topic of conversation. The girls continually told me how much they can’t wait for her to get here and how they will teach her to play princess’. Little Naomi (4) seemed to be the most excited. She asked me if they could Skype with Imogen “so they can play”. It just warmed my heart to see how excited the girls are for their cousin to arrive.

We had a fun filled 2 ½ days. Friday was my 31st birthday so we made a birthday cake and the girls decorated it for me. They used every kind of sprinkle they could find in the house, and they put 5 candles on the top to “make a tiara”. They put up some home made decorations and made me some cards. The only thing missing from my party was my wonderful Husband (who had to stay home to study).

Every time we visit I bring a craft of some sort to do with the girls, I also bring my “box ‘o stickers” aka stickers fro the target $1 bin. This trips craft was Easter egg decorating. So we boiled a bunch of eggs, dissolved the little colored tablets in water and decorated away. I’m pretty sure the girls fingers had more dye on them by the end than the eggs. But we sure had fun. 3 Easter egg hunts followed, we couldn’t convince the girls to eat the eggs though.

There was lots of cuddling of the twins too. I can’t wait until they are old enough to do crafts too. They are getting so big it’s crazy. They should be talking in no time, we practiced “auntie” a lot this weekend.

Daniel and I plan on trying to make a few more visits to see them all before August. We’ll see how well I can do in the car as I get more and more pregnant.

Overall, it was great birthday.