Sunday, April 17, 2011

Honored by many

I went to a memorial service yesterday. I'm not going to pretend it was a big loss for me, it really wasn't, but I strongly felt that I should attend the service. Doris lived a long life, she would have been 91 in June. She was married to her husband Bob for 58yrs.

Bob and Doris attended (bob still attends) a church I attended from '97 - ~'03. Doris and I were in a woman's group together for a short time. One of the unique things about Doris wasn't the fact that she had been blind from birth, but that that didn't stop her from living life. She traveled, she was an accomplished singer and choir director. She loved to read and had the ability to memorize things like none other.

Years ago she was asked by a pastor if she ever asked the Lord to heal her blindness and allow her to see. Her answer was "I never really thought to ask". That was Doris, she didn't see her lack of ability to see as a deficit in life, it was just her life. She was in 100% acceptance of who God created her to be.

So why was it that when I heard of her passing I felt so strongly that I should attend her service. I haven't talked to her since I began attending a different church. I thinks it's all in my first thought after hearing. A woman who lived a life like Doris did; a lifetime of dedication to the Lord and 58yrs of faithful service to her husband; deserved to be honored my many.

As I sat at her service I couldn't help but think about my life (memorial/funeral services are great for that). Doris lived a simple life, she never did anything the world would see as extraordinary, and yet I'm in awe at her life. I've traveled the world and done things some people would only dream of. My life story has even been published. And yet as I think about my life there are really only three things I would like to be remembered for: 1. My love and dedication to the Lord, 2. My love and dedication to my husband, and 3. My love and dedication to my daughter.

I don't care what else anyone remembers. And I hope one day, as a result of those three things, people see it fit that my love and dedication deserves to be honored, just as Doris' was honored.


  1. Amen, sister. That's all that really matters in life and is soo helpful in gaining perspective in difficult situations. In the end, those three things are all that matters. No one will remember if I earned this, did that, wrote something or another, etc, but generations of my descendants will be affected deeply by the legacy I leave. You're heading into Mamahood with the most important thing already settled in your mind. I'm so glad you're Imogen's mama.

  2. Susanne, I'm glad I'm Imogen's momma too :-)