Saturday, April 2, 2011

Is there another topic?

Daniel and I were talking about our blog the other day. We're looking at buying a domain and making a whole website. Then we got to talking about whether or not we want to each have our own blog or have one together. Daniel thinks it's funnier to have one together, him with Theology posts and me with posts about Imogen. He asked if I was going to become "one of those mommy bloggers". that comment made me laugh.

I was talking with my friend Patti about 2wks after we found i was having a baby and saying to her that I suddenly have no other topic of conversation except the baby. And that has not changed. I don't know what else to talk about. My life has been engulfed by the fact that we are having a baby. Every few days I think of something to blog about, non baby related, and it ends up being about Imogen. I have not posted a few blogs just because I was trying to not to blog about her. But alas, I have failed. I just have no other topic of conversation. Everything I think about these days always comes back to Imogen.

Oh and I have a request of you all: Please pray for Daniel and I. We need sleep. I seem to be suffereing from "pregnancy insomnia" also known as "nature's cruel trick". Personally I would like to be sleeping as much as possible now since sleep will be a thing of the past come September. Anyhow, it's really effecting both of us. My lack of sleep ends up keeping Daniel up cause I'm tossing and turning. Usually by 3am I head for the couch so I stop waking him up. I don't do well with little sleep, I kind of turn into a toddler who skipped their nap; I cry and throw fits for no real reason. And poor Daniel is working and in graduate school, he really needs good sleep to be able to focus.

All that to say, please pray that we get some deep solid sleep.

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